Treatment times may vary from client to client as there are multiple variables that can result in a shorter vs longer treatment time. However, typically the treatment should take only 45min-1hour.

All of our staff members are registered nurses with experience in emergency, cardiac and critical care nursing. All are licensed in the state of NJ and hold multiple specialty certifications.

No, in addition to your home, we will also accommodate you in the comfort of your hotel or office space as well.

Yes, we do please contact us for more info on these types of packages.

Prices vary per blend, please view our treatment page and view our price list.

We use a small gauge needle and have topical lidocaine optional to numb the area of the insertion site to make it as painless as possible.

Our Medical Director will speak with you directly over the phone upon your RN arriving to your location.

While results may vary, IV hydration can be beneficial for most as long as there aren’t any contraindications to the treatment. Please fill out our pre screening form to make sure you’re a candidate for IV hydration.